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BIZNES I PRAVO Law Company provides the following legal services concerning bankruptcy related procedures, particularly but not exceptionally:

  • complex legal assistance when applying to any commercial court for institution of bankruptcy proceeding, acting in the name of a client as the creditor (initial, competitive) or as the debtor;

  • representing our clients and defence of their rights in all procedures of bankruptcy (adoption or substitution of arbitral manager, adoption of the list of creditors and in all other procedures related);

  • representing clients in all procedures of sanation (reconstruction) stage, particularly in the procedure of adoption of the plan of sanation, the procedure of appointment of sanator (reconstruction manager), etc.;

  • representing clients and defence of their rights and interests when discovering, valuation and selling of debtors property, also when satisfying of legal requirements of creditors, etc.

  • legal accompaniment of all the undertakings in bankruptcy proceeding.


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