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BIZNES I PRAVO Law Company provides the following legal services related to defense in criminal proceedings and administrative violation cases:

  • representation of interests of individuals and legal entities in the process of consideration of applications/information and reported offences by law enforcement authorities (both in applicant's and petitionee's behalf);

  • participation in criminal cases at the stage of investigation and prejudicial inquiry (appeal against detention of person, participation in investigative actions; participation in judicial sittings at determination of restraint in the form of detention in custody, appeal against actions of persons investigating the criminal case, filing requests);

  • participation in consideration/hearing of criminal cases by the courts of original jurisdiction, courts of appellate jurisdiction, courts of cassation;

  • appeal against orders to dismiss criminal complaint, orders on institution of criminal proceedings and orders to close criminal case; appeal against unlawful actions of the officers of law enforcement agencies (illegal detention, arrest, search, use of illegal methods of investigation and inquest);

  • representation of interests of the persons with regard to which the issue on extradition is pending;

  • appeal against administrative detention of person;

  • protection of persons being brought to administrative responsibility, as well as representation of victims in the process of consideration of administrative violation cases (including traffic accidents);

  • appeal against the decisions taken on administrative violations;

  • appeal against unlawful actions of the officers of law enforcement agencies during administrative violation proceedings.


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